Rep and Metal

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We aren’t a big job board using a network of 3D printing suppliers, we are your best partner for 3D printed parts in a wide range of metals and carbon fiber reinforced nylon composites. Whether you need a gear, fixture, prototype, or a production run of high precision parts we will build them with our VETTED METAL™ or ONYX composite to assure that they exceed your expectations. We earn our customers trust by being up front with our quotes and working with them to optimize their parts for the best results when we build them. We know confidentiality is key for many of our customers so we provide an easy to understand Non-Disclosure Agreement that protects your technology.
EOS M290
Meet Vetted Tech
To request a quote please send us your part(s) as CAD files (STEP files are preferred but we can handle most formats) to inquiry@vetted3d.com. We’ll review your file and be back to you with any questions or a firm quote within a business day. Our terms and conditions of sale can be found here. To learn more about us see our video. You can find our Quality Policy here.
Rep and Metal