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About Us

Vetted Tech Inc.

At Vetted Tech Inc. we strive to consistently provide our customers with the most advanced 3D printed Additive Manufactured parts possible. Whether you need a high performance IN718 nozzle or a perfectly designed polymer housing, we have the capacity. We specialize in high performance carbon fiber reinforced nylon (Onyx) components and excel in building stainless steel parts where “Our Reputation is Stainless™”
Our state-of-the-art EOS M290 DLMS systems provide tight tolerance parts virtually ready for installation in both 316L stainless steel, 17-4 stainless steel and Nickel Alloy 718 up to 250mmx250mmx325mm. All produced with our VETTED METAL™ quality controlled raw materials.
Our suite of MarkForged machines stand ready to deliver your design in days, not months in almost any material you can imagine from high strength tool steels to Kevlar reinforced polymers. We have the latest Metal X system with a large production volume sintering furnace capable of producing finished production line ready components in copper, tool steels (A2, D2, and H13), Nickel Alloy 625 and 17-4 stainless steel in days not weeks.
While our forté is taking your drawing or CAD file from concept to finished prototype, we can also provide batch production runs to meet your demanding schedules. Whether you need a completely new prototype, a small run for limited sales or a made from scratch replacement part for your old equipment Vetted Tech Inc should be your first call.
Our Quality System is AS9100D aerospace compliant registered with NSF® and we are listed on OASIS. We maintain the highest quality standards and implement continuous improvement measures to ensure that our system is as good as it can be providing assurance that your parts will be built as designed and fit for service. We bring that level of quality commitment to every part we make whether it is a simple replacement gear for an older machine, a precise medical instrument, or your part. When it comes to building precise parts to exacting tolerance, Our Reputation is Stainless™.